The personal data especially the one that is stored online is extremely important . There has been from quite some time now that the privacy and security has been deteriorating. The technology of blockchain offers a better solution for such issues. Blockchain as the name suggest is the digital block chains which consists of some transaction set.

The block has the transaction from a Merkel root and there is a hash which is created to use it. This itself is a part of block header. Evert block of the blockchain has the previously block connected using the value of block hash. This eventually results in the better blockchain resistance for any kind of tampering.

The best possible secure way:

Blockchain is usually a touted one as the secure way to stir the details but to understand the security it is important to know the characteristic associated with it. Blockchain is made to be tamper proof and even immutable. It consists of Decentralization, Cryptography, and even Consensus

The whole complex interplay of such characters helps in securing blockchain transaction.

Decentralization: Blockchain works on the networking of decentralization where there are pieces and bits of the details are passed and there is an updated detail for all the participants in the right manner.

Cryptography & Hashing: This is another complex algorithm of mathematics which protects any hacks and attacks. The transactions are hashed in a cryptographical manner and a part of the block. Hashing usually takes the crucial value of input and applies the algorithm of hashing to create a new value which is known as the hash digest.

Besides, along with the hashing, every transaction is signed at the digital platform. For example, if the individual wants to send some bitcoin to another person. This means, the personal will cryptographically hash the message using the private key and then send the hash along the ABC address. Now the whole network would be able to see the transaction and make the validation using the key. However, it is only ABC who can add those bitcoins in the wallet. To be precise all can see the transaction being done but it is impossible to steal it.

Consensus Protocol: This is another characteristic which is more like an agreement of the major participants of the network with regards to the transaction validity. The single miner validates the transaction while the whole network can confirm the validator credibility by checking the work.

With such fundamental characteristics the security of the blockchain is created which basically enrages in the blockchain while discouraging any foul play. Also, when it comes of delaying with security and privacy concerns, there is a blockchain operator that stores the store personal data and protect the part of the details with a “hash” of the information that eventually turns to be unreadable.