Working Group

The working groups were established to build a community representing the blockchain industry. We are employing best practices to promote crypto/digital assets, digital financial services, tokenization, etc. To create a healthy crypto trading ecosystem and improve innovation and investment, we are educating people, working closely with policymakers, and business leaders. We are on a mission to grow a strong crypto-community through networking, outreach, information exchange, and education to create more secure, unbiased, and functional societies. ​

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Smart Contract

Promoting the use of Smart Contracts so that it provides a reliable and automated process


Working towards the goal to raise the incredible capabilities in finance, commerce markets by unlocking liquidity using tokenization.

Regulatory and Compliance

Maintaining a strong relationship with the city, state, and federal governments and working to uphold the regulatory environment.

Use Cases

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Digital Identity

Promoting the use of blockchain-based technologies to collect, verify, and manage users’ identities.

Government – State and Federal

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Employing best practices to analyze, report on the tax system, and aid in drafting tax recommendations for digital assets.


Custody Working Group will work on providing custody solutions like storage and security services  for the crypto industry by working with members of the government and  local businesses